War Roster

This is a pool of members that have proven themselves worthy to kick some ass in war on behalf of LiveviL. A new member must be in the clan for at least 1 war, and acknoledge the war rules before they are eligible to be added the roster.

  • TheGnomeLord
  • Toker
  • Xramadon
  • Kfri21
  • Owll
  • Drunken Goblin
  • Scoob-eub
  • Lord Rizz
  • Mr. E
  • Ace
  • D3BO3R
  • You
  • Alldaytoker
  • Plastik
  • Devin
  • BillyWilly
  • Christian
  • Byrd
  • edwintcs
  • Tinesh
  • Shanmugaselvam
  • Sakthi
  • Jukeboxhero
  • Mike
  • Millmanator3000
  • Snorri9


War Rules

Pretty simple war rules.

1. Make sure your opt in or out is set before Tuesdays @ 8:30 pm CST and Fridays @ 8:30 pm CST if you would like to be in the wars.

2. When war starts, the lower half of the group is expected to make their first attacks by 8:30 am CST the next day. (12 hour window after war starts) Preferably, the first attack should be the night that war starts.

3. Your first attack should be your equal on the opposite team unless you trade targets with another member of our clan. What you do with your second attack is up to you, but do not take the virgin attack from another before the 12 hr point in the war.

4. If you are in the bottom half and fail to make your first attack before the 12 hour point you get a strike, and earn a spot on the shitlist. Also, if you fail to make both war attacks before the war is over the same thing will happen. (Unless its agreed that its a washout). 3 strikes means youre out of the clan, so be aware!

5. If you are new to the clan. We ask that you wait a week before we allow you to be in war. Sorry, but sick of people that don’t show up for war.

If you are on the Shit List, you will not be in war until you confirm and acknowledge these rules with the leaders and co-leaders.

Shit List

This is the shit list.  If you are on it you can only come off of it by sending a confirmation to the leaders and co-leaders that you understand our war rules and will follow them.

War Rules are vital to our success, and must be followed. Other clan members put resources on the line to win wars, and participation is absolutely vital to achieving victory.

  • Draven
  • Dogillionaire
  • Ginger